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Halesworth Day Nursery

About the nursery


If you were to ask us what makes Halesworth Day Nursery a superb choice for childcare and early education we would say “our staff”. We are incredibly proud of our team, made up of nurturing, conscientious and inspiringly creative practitioners who are committed to their own professional and personal development and to that of our team. They truly go the extra mile! Their infectious enthusiasm, innovative delivery of the Early Years curriculum and child centred approach achieve the very best outcomes for children. Recognising staff as our most the important resource within our nursery, we work hard to ensure each and every one of them are as happy as they could possibly be within their influential role. As a result we have a very low staff turnover and are proud to have many dedicated, long serving members of staff within our team. This consistency achieves a very stable environment for our children which is fundamental in maintaining high levels of wellbeing.

Settling in

Our settling in process is of the highest priority – children need to feel happy, safe and secure to fully engage in the learning opportunities and experiences available to them. Our vision for each child is that we achieve this as quickly as possible and therefore have a robust settling in process to support this aim. 


In responce to a family’s request for a place within our nursery families are invited to come look around our setting and are encouraged to bring their child along. This initial introduction provides an informal and relaxed opportunity for you and your child to explore our nursery and hear all about what we offer our children and their families.


Upon receiving a completed enrolment form from a family we then set to work arranging a suitable dates and time for a home visit. For more information about what a home visit involves please follow the link below. (link to Your questioned answered sheet) 


You as parents and your child are then welcomed into nursery for a minimum of two settling sessions, these are planned for with your child’s individual needs in mind and remain flexible and child centred.

Home Visit Information 

SEND (Special Educational Need and Disabilities)

We are a fully inclusive setting where all children and families are welcome and valued. We have a qualified and experienced Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) who draws upon her experience, knowledge and resources to ensure we are able to meet all SEND needs successfully.

Our well-structured SEND Policy is reviewed regularly and followed by all staff within the nursery, it is also available to parents at all times. Our team has a breadth of experience and training in supporting children with additional needs, specific training includes:

  • PECS training

  • Mental Health in Early Years

  • Makaton

  • Behaviour – ‘understanding why?’

  • Listening, Understanding and Speaking

  • Behaviour – Observation and Planning

  • Suffolk’s Need Met – an introduction to emotional well-being

  • Creating Happier Choices

  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator – inclusive of regular SEN days to aid professional development

All staff are trained in the use of Makaton and signs and symbols are used daily by staff and children as a successful tool in supporting children’s communication and language development.

Our commitment to working in partnership with parents/families enables us to understand and meet children’s individual needs quickly and effectively during the settling-in process, particularly those with SEND. We recognise parents of children with SEND as a hub of information and aim to work with you to better understand your child’s needs and how we can meet them.

We adopt a solution focused approach and believe through making reasonable adjustments, taking time to learn and most importantly keeping the child at the heart of all decisions we can ensure that all children with SEND can access and benefit from their time within our nursery.



If your child is unwell we ask that you do not bring them to the nursery, as doing so isn’t fair on your child, our staff, other children, or their parents. In all health matters we follow the guidance provided by ‘Public Health England’ and have policies in place within setting which are followed closely to limit the spread of illness. If your child cannot attend nursery due to illness please inform us via telephone or email as soon as possible. 

Our nursery is located down a private lane which is also used by local residents. Unfortunately the nursery does not benefit from a car park and therefore we ask that parents use local parking facilities where possible to ensure that the lane remains a safe place for children and residents to use. 



Our intention is to work in partnership with parents and the community and we welcome suggestions on how to improve our provision. If you have any concerns, then please make these known by communicating with our leaders and managers. We will do all that we can to reassure, inform or rectify but if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your concern or if the problem reoccurs, then please put your concern if writing and pass this onto management. We will then follow our full complaints procedure with an aim to resolve the issue promptly. 

Transitions upwards through the rooms and onto school or other settings are handled sensitively and planned for in partnership with parents with a highly successful child centred approach. We have built strong relationships with our local schools and childcare settings and strengthen these through the organisation of termly meetings.

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